Continuous Learning GiftedEd/AdvancedLearners & Computer Science

8th - 11th grade:

If not already done, work through Mrs. Wulf's instructions to build your course requests for next school year. 

Explore Careers 

The world is full of a large variety of careers. How ever does one figure out which ones to consider?? So many limit themselves to only thinking about what they have come in contact with: nurses, teachers, production line, etc (which can be good fits). Or something that seems really cool in the current environment. Thinking about and choosing a career can become a daunting task.

This is a reason schools work to provide students with career exploration time. There is a widespread idea "that both people and work environments can be classified according to 6 basic types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional. One of the main ideas of this theory is that the closer your personality type aligns with your work environment, the more likely you are to find fulfillment at work."

At our secondary school, we use Kuder Navigator to help students identify things they like to do. And if you haven't done so yet this year, log in and utilize this tool! 

Back to our opening question, how ever does one figure out which careers to consider? The simple answer is give time regularly to exploring careers. An internet search will show that there are many resources available. Here's one: STEM videos.


Go to Ms. Pugh's Extended Learning TINKERCAD class. Click the link above to go to our class. Your username is your first name. If you have not done the 'Direct Starters' go through that for an introduction into this design tool. 

May 11 - 17: This challenge focuses on using a particular tool. Check it out.

May 4 - 10: Here's a design challenge to make, in TinkerCAD, a household item:  Making at Home

April 27 - May 3: You are probably spending A LOT of time in your room. What would be in your dream room? Here's a TinkderCAD challenge to Design Your Dream Room

April 13 - 20: If you have already went through the starters instructions, our first challenge will be to design a stencil. This stencil can have a message of encouragement for the pandemic crisis or a design of school spirit. For guidance on creating a stencil go to the blog on 1 hour print: stencil

Weighty Words

Listen to the word story. Make a small poster with the word and its meaning. Illustrations are a plus. Send me a picture of your poster!



Resources for Educators & Parents During COVID-19
 from the National Association of Gifted Children.
Students/Parents: If you are looking for content ideas, this site also has curated content to spark minds in art, music, science, language arts, social studies and more in the Enrichment and Educational Resources link.