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Mission:  To inspire every learner to excel.

Vision:  Columbus Community School District will create learners ready for intellectual work and contributions to a global community.

Click here for a message from Mr. Jeff Maeder, Superintendent Columbus Community Schools:


Resources and Needs Survey  June 29

Click this link for the survey results:  ResourcesNeeds Survey Parent Responses.pdf

Our district will be giving multiple surveys over the next several months. The purpose of these surveys is to gather feedback in order to respond to your needs and guide decisions in regard to the district's plan for re-opening in the fall. Your responses are important.  To support our planning, we would appreciate your response to the following short survey so we can understand your family’s and student’s needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Nuestro distrito dará múltiples encuestas durante los próximos meses. El propósito de estas encuestas es recopilar comentarios para responder a sus necesidades y guiar las decisiones con respecto al plan del distrito para volver a abrir en el otoño. Tus respuestas son importantes. Para apoyar nuestra planificación, agradeceríamos su respuesta a la siguiente encuesta breve para que podamos comprender las necesidades de su familia y estudiantes durante la pandemia de COVID-19.


Kan khua nih hmaithla chung khin survey tuah ding phunphun pek I tuah asi te lai. Mah survey tuah duhnak cu na herhmi le na ruahnak rak theih I leh khoh tthannak ding caah asi cun fall lei sianginn awn tthannak ding biakhiah tuahnak bawmtu zong ah si lai. Na bialehnak a herh tuk. Kan itimh mi rak bawmhnak ding ah,hi survey tawi te hi na kan tuah piak khoh ah cun kan ilawm tuk lai cun na inn chungkhar le siangngakchia herh mi kan theih khoh nak hnga COVID-19 lio ah.

Technology Announcement:

Technology Support for School related issues can be located by selecting 
Seth Schleef from the Staff Directory on the Columbus Community School District
 site or click his name in this announcement.

Summer Meal Program information can be found here:


Department of Education - Iowa School Performance Profiles

Under state and federal law, Iowa is required to publish report cards reflecting every public school’s performance on multiple measures.  These Iowa School Performance Profiles help stakeholders understand how their schools are serving students, as well as identify those schools that require support and improvements provided by the state.  Report cards and designations were recently released to the public.

This year, Columbus Community School District is proud to celebrate their performance in all three schools:

  • Roundy Elementary moved up from the Acceptable category last year to a designation of COMMENDABLE.
  • Columbus Junior High received a designation of ACCEPTABLE.
  • Columbus High School received a designation of COMMENDABLE.

No schools in the district require targeted support or improvement at the state level.  This is great news!  Congratulations to the students, staff, and community on these achievements!

To view the data and information provided on the Iowa School Performance Profiles, please use the link below.

Department of Education - Iowa School Performance Profiles
Iowa Schools Performance Profiles

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